What’s a Zoologist? Featuring Lucy Cotgrove, Fish Biologist

If you ask a random person in the street what they think a zoologist does, you might get one of two responses: TV presenter (think Steve Irwin, David Attenborough), or a zookeeper. In fact, the term "zoologist" covers a wide range of roles, from museum curators to research scientists and conservationists, in a large number... Continue Reading →


The hilarious story behind #reviewforscience

This week, scientists on Twitter have been sharing their odd uses for everyday items in their experiments using the #reviewforscience hashtag. Here's the story of how this hashtag stemmed from a single review of a tea strainer. It was a Sunday night and I was shopping for a tea strainer online. Productive use of an... Continue Reading →

Species Spotlight #1: Great Tit

This blog is all about showcasing the wonderful diversity of animal species, by shining the spotlight on one particular animal every week and ranking them in some kind of knock-off zoological Top Trumps fashion. To kick off the blog and Species SpOtlight post series, it makes sense to start with a feature on my PhD... Continue Reading →

PhD Diaries: The Halfway Point

There comes a time in every PhD student's life when realisation hits that the number of months spent studying for the PhD so far roughly equal the number of months to go until the final deadline. That is, you're at the halfway point, and there's still┬áso very much to get done before that final binding... Continue Reading →


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